Over the years, many people supported me building and improving this site.

With this page I want to say thank you, especially to those which i forget to mention here.

Lothar Köhler

gave this site his first home in Frankfurt.

Ergin Bozün

allowed me to modify his website design to give my site a face.

Lars Eufinger

gave my site his name.

Michael Kirchner

was the first FreeBSD user I met, and provided the first backup server for my site.

Stefan Duchmann

helped solving the hardest firewall/network problems.

Udo Blumenthal

introduced me to the world of the real big unix machines.

Ben Caffe

taught me programming, taught me unix, improved my english, gave my site a home, ..., to keep this list short: Encouraged my personal and technical development.

Daniel Bachfeld

from Heise Security, gave me the good advice to update my page design.

Alexander Leiminer, Dominik Rost and Felix Fey

helped me learning good developing and project management practices.

Mrs. Prof. Dr. Astrid Schmücker-Schend

inspired me in a course about Data-Mining to implement the Relevant Pages feature.

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