Free Online-Portscanner

How it works

This Online-Portscanner uses the open-source utility nmap to scan your IP ( and detect open ports.

Who should use it

As the result of the scan, you will get raw nmap output, without any explaination.
So if you use this tool, you should know what ports are and how to interpret the output.

Who should not use it

Do not use this Online-Portscanner if you are behind a proxy or if your are not allowed to scan your host.
Please notice that you use this service on your own risk. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless from any claim or damage resulting from your use of this service.


It is only possible to scan your own IP.
If you want to scan your IP more than one time, you have to wait 10 minutes bevore re-starting the scan. Otherwise you will see the output of the last scan.


To track and prevent abuse of this service, the Date, IP and Output of a scan is saved for 24 hours.
We will never share this information with a third party or use it in any way. For more information see our Privacy Policy.

Starting the Online Portscan

If you understand the risk of this portscan, click on the link below and enter "scan" as Username and Password.
Please notice that a Portscan can take up to 2 minutes, depending on your firewall configuration.

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