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This cryptography is variously being called “Displacement Cryptography”, “Vector Cryptography” and “ Skew Line Encryptions” for the simple reason that these are all related things that fit either description.

This cryptography is a radical change from the norm of scalar cryptography that uses the universal number line to model numbers and it enables claims to be made for the ultimate class of “Theoretically Unbreakable” cryptographic strength for this new form of encryption.

Displacement cryptography evolves from my invention of a new topic in mathematics called “Vector Factoring”. It is intended for operation by non-specialist users who need no knowledge of cryptography, mathematics or programming and who require nothing more than basic keyboarding skills to be able to do email encryptions and batch encryptions of large, externally prepared files of plaintext.

Readers are invited to download any of the software on offer.

Beat the rising Orwellian trend – Big Brother is watching! – secure your important emails every time – encrypting them may be the only solution.


In this cryptography numbers are modelled as wildly disparate points in space unlike the traditional model of an arbitrary straight line i.e. the 'universal number line' that is so transparent as an encryption domain that it will never be possible to completely obfuscate the plaintext when it is transformed into ciphertext – this defect is endemic in all ‘scalar’ cryptography no matter how ingenious the encryption transformation my be – the transparency is just simply indelible for all time.


“Popular Cryptography Magazine “ please copy.

- adacrypt


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