Re: Making the Ciphertext String Itself Truly Random – The Conjecture.

On 12/02/2012 17:58, biject wrote:
This seems nonsense. You give me a file that you think is random
has NO repeats at all and make the file at least 100,000 bytes
and I will supply a program to the Globe guy and it will with out
knowing the file in advance make it at least 100 bytes shorter
sense a file known to have no repeats is not RANDOM it can be
compressed to a smaller size by a general bijective file compressor.
And yes I will supply the decompressor to.
I hope you will learn anything from this but to think such a
file is random is to not understand what random is in my estimation.
But I think this was a weakness in enigma to during WWII.

Adacrypt's definition of random appears to be "has no repeats".

His mind is about as closed as its ever been when trying to shift
this misconception from his understanding.

Information theory, Shannon Entropy and the meaning of compressibility
are so far out of his realm of understanding that its not worth
bothering with. Best to use concepts no harder than high school

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