Re: Making the Ciphertext String Itself Truly Random – The Conjecture.

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  This seems nonsense.  You give me a file that you think is random
has NO repeats at all and make the file at least 100,000 bytes
and I will supply a program to the Globe guy and it will with out
knowing the file in advance make it at least 100 bytes shorter

I goofed again. I realized I could save at least 100 bits not bytes
and since we right in byte I will write code to save at least 13
the 100 bits was conservative so 13 bytes saves should be ok SORRY.

sense a file known to have no repeats is not RANDOM it can be
compressed to a smaller size by a general bijective  file compressor.
And yes I will supply the decompressor to.
  I hope you will learn anything from this but to think such a
file is random is to not understand what random is in my estimation.
But I think this was a weakness in enigma to during WWII.

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