Re: Resume of “Skew Line Encryptions” Programs.

On Feb 12, 7:35 am, Mark Murray <w.h.o...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 12/02/2012 01:15, adacrypt wrote:

I should have known better from the past that it would all go awry but
not so soon - Good Luck again with your efforts but count me out here
and now  - adacrypt

You only have yourself to blame; when you are ready to talk again,
minus the chip on your shoulder, I'll be here.

When you do so, DON'T expect your audience to make your case for
you; that's YOUR job. For as long as you have MASSIVE barriers to
folks' comprehending your work, it will remain opaque.

Mark "No Nickname" Murray
Notable nebbish, extreme generalist.

Youv'e got it all wrong - I don't need anyone - I have already
delivered - I'm being altruistic to all others in this matter - Your'e
pushing against an open door here - the maths are sreaming at you.

It will be interesting to see how you managed this massive
compression of my stuff into 20 lines of source code.

I think you are probably doing a static arithmetic simplification of
the results of this one-off particular encryption session by me and
not taking into account that it must stand up dynamically in all the
billions of future repetitive sessions by users worldwide if it is
ever to survive as a working cipher.

Again , Good Luck to you if you can succeed, I can't see it happening
but I am keeping an open mind nonetheless.

That's it from me.

- adacrypt