Re: Resume of “Skew Line Encryptions” Programs.

On 11/02/2012 19:17, adacrypt wrote:
Forgot to say also I have quite consciously layered on huge extra
entanglemnt options right left and centre during he development stages
with the view that this can always be discarded if not required. You
obviously are of that frame of mind - that's great.

Well fine, but as you are trying to make a point, its best for YOU
to remove all the arbitrary extra stuff to clarify that point.

The diagnostic program was never required be me in thousands of cases
- never once did this program fail in practice. I enclosed it as a
tutorial hoping it would benefit some users.

Enclosed with no documentation and no explanation it was no use to me.

I think you are better placed to explain this crypto to sci crypt
readers now maybe than me ?

No. My position is that its insecure. You proposed it, you defend it.

Please do this if you can.

I'll post my version of the source code. As for defending the algorithm,
thats your job.

The new mathematics is "Vectoring Factoring" - you will need to get
your head around this and notice how it is applied to cryptography in
th Ada program if you are ever going to teach it academically ? - a
lucrative prospect in the future - could well be!

Good Luck if you do.

Careful. You are poisoning the well again here. My disagreement does
not automatically invalidate my position due to musunderstanding. You
need to make an unambiguous, clear case.

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