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I wrote an article on my website at at this page:

It outlines a method of extracting randomness from ordinary files.
Any comments would be appreciated.

Jim Adrian


Hi Jim,

The gist of your article plainly says that you are confusing
'haphazard' with 'scientific' randomness.  This has been a bit of
hobby horse of mine here in this group and I also can supply this link
that might be of interest to you in exchange.

I write more descriptively than mathematically in the article on my
website but this is it if you want to check it out.

PS - The (mini) maths dictionary "Penguin Mathematics Dictionary "
says somewhere within it  " The numbers 1,2,3 are random numbers
within the context of a set of integers between 1 and 20 - Unquote.

Its a contextual thing - there is no need for hapchance to qualify a
random set - many people wrongly believe that it should be wildly
unplanned - the above example from Penguin bears out that it can be a
mild thing and highly planned instead.

- adacrypt

I strongly disagree, but the matter can be decided mathematically.
Are the bits of the output independent of each other or not?

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These trivial pursuits of randomness are nothing more than that -
harmless trivia being dignified by Xoring - a bit like doing
crosswords as a cultural time-passer but if the randomness is going to
be used to secure real ciphers then it has to be the real thing i.e
non repeating, having equal probability and validated by the
encryption algorithm that is going to use it as data.

There's no point in living in a fool's paradise and accepting less.

- adacrypt