Re: Bitmap Steganography freeware

On 30.01.12 15:33, jmorton123 wrote:
On Jan 30, 1:10 am, jmorton123<jmorton...@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Jan 29, 12:40 pm, Karl-Uwe Frank<> wrote:

On 29.01.12 05:06, jmorton123 wrote:

And of course I know that all the technology companies in the US, UK,
Germany, etc. sell all this high tech surveillance equipment and
technology, directly or indirectly, to all of the most repressive
brutal mass-killing regimes all over the planet.

I take this back. I DO NOT KNOW this. What I do know is that these
terrible regimes are getting some of the best technology available
from someone and many of these tech companies are in the West.

I apologize for the original foolish rash statement above.
Please forgive me.

Don't worry about your statement, because it's simply the truth, passing around in German media for example since the last few weeks ;-)



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