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The videos are made directly from the instructions available at the
website or by clicking the Instructions
button on the Bitmap Steganography Utility Program itself.

The problem with videos is they show how to use a program, they can
show that the programs runs and produces a valid output.

What they don't show is if your encoding method is weak one that is
easy to spot and/or decode.

Please note some very secure methods have been broken by some poor
implementation in code.  That is why source code is desired.

Still, don't think you are placed on the same level as of the resident
kook (you know who you are) as at-least you have working code we can
if we want to.

Fair enough.

Sometimes you know what you know
Sometimes you know what you don't know
This is a classic case of: sometimes you don't know what you don't

"Instructions" is a word of convenience. These are more than
instructions or
instructional video tutorials. They explain in detail at a bit and
byte level
exactly how the freeware operates and proves it and allows for you to
prove it
on any source, bitmap, abd random digit file of your own.

You really just need to sit through watching steganography video
7 - 9. Then you can go back and watch videos 1 - 6 for the complete

If it is your job or if you intend to become an expert in the field
you will at least
watch videos 7 - 9. It is a lot easier than reading and trying to
comprehend the
written instructions let alone the source code.

Can you imagine how long it will take you to read source code and then
try to
deduce or infer what the code is trying to accomplish and why?
Believe me,
watching these three videos and hopefullly then the first 6 is a much
better use
of your time and energy.

Don't pass judgment on these video tutorials because obviously you
haven't watched them.

Just three: steganography video tutorials 7 - 9.

Enough said.

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