Re: Bitmap Steganography freeware

On Jan 17, 8:44 am, Earl_Colby_Pottinger
<earlcolby.pottin...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Source Code?

I can appreciate a request for source code: implementation is

Don't prejudge what I am about to say: Just watch one steganography
video tutorial: video 7. Stop
reading now and do this. Afterwards, if you don't think you are
getting anywhere then forget about it.

Although I do recommend watching steganography video tutorials 7 - 9
to get your quickest and best
insight into the freeware. Then you can watch videos 1 - 6 for a more
complete picture. All of the videos
are quite clear, concise, and thorough.

The videos are made directly from the instructions available at the
website or by clicking the Instructions
button on the Bitmap Steganography Utility Program itself.

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