Re: This Improvisation Will Buy Time Alright But….

On 12/01/2012 11:53, adacrypt wrote:
All of what you say is irrelevant - it is merely the box that
cryptography travels in - My interest is in the core piece of
intelligence that under pins a cipher - than can be scratched out on a
stone pavement it is so basic one it is established - I believe I have
done that and am open to inspection.

You are NOT, repeat NOT open to inspection. You have not addressed
folks' misgivings about your ciphers; instead you've been evasive,
dismissive and repetitively wrong.

Although I have studied computer science I have no interest in keeping
up wih it today because it is changing so fast especially in how it
affects the management of cryptography.

.... and this has noticeably and adversely affected your work and

The only thing that doesn't change and which I have studiously made
sure it doesn't, is the mathematics of two demonstrable ciphers.

And guess what? Its wrong, and you flat-out refuse to see that.

I have no pretentions to being anything other that a person with an
interest in cryptography.

Incorrect. You have pretensions of having invented unbreakable

I don't open any emails to my hotmail address these days because of
the trouble you experienced at your end - just safety.

*All peripheral cryptography is made easier by a strong core of
intelligence - that is what I am aiming at - regards - adacrypt

Time to re-examine your aim - you are WELL off.

You asked good questions in the last few days - why not continue
in that enquring way, rather than doggedly insisting that you
have something that you demonstrably don't?

Mark "No Nickname" Murray
Notable nebbish, extreme generalist.

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