Re: Graphical Computer Analysis of the Ciphertext frequency relative to the Plaintext frequency.

I have to admit I am not au fait with new downloads that are available
from adobe - is version 8 of this reader not generally available any
more?  - more please for any reader who may have to acquire it -
thanks - adacrypt

I tried to see the .pdf file, but it calls for version 8 of Adobe
Acrobat Reader. For me to get that software, a 60 page legal agreement
is presented to me. There are two things about the legal agreement
with Adobe that prevent me from seeing you .pdf file :

1 The 60 pages are longer than I care to read
2 The 60 pages cannot be searched for the words like "lawyer, fee,
attorney, suit, pay"

In summary, when I have spent time reading long contracts, they often
have a section where they want me to agree to pay any legal costs they
incur when they try to sue me. I refuse to pay attorneys to sue me. I
refuse to read a 60 page legal contract just to read your one page