Re: Customised Extra Entanglement in Vector Cryptography.

On Oct 22, 2:16 pm, Mark Murray <w.h.o...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 22/10/2011 13:50, adacrypt wrote:

This kind of remark indicates beyond all doubt that you haven't a clue
in hell about the cipher that I am promoting but you want to cast
doubt  by throwing in ridiculous charges of deceit on my part

What preposterous logic!

                                                                 - I
wouldn't have wasted the last fifteen years on something I wasn't so
sure about if that was the case - also I am a stark realist and
scrupilously conscientious on matters of science especially when they
are so mathematically intensive.

Spending time on something is no indication that it is time well spent.

Being sure of something is distinct from being correct.

As for conscientiousness, your routine ignoring of evidence,
interspersed with wild scrambles to contain successful attacks
speaks for itself; you have little clue about what you are doing;
you substitute with bluster.

Mark "No Nickname" Murray
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Oh dear.