Re: Customised Extra Entanglement in Vector Cryptography.

On Oct 22, 9:50 am, Mark Murray <w.h.o...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 22/10/2011 07:56, adacrypt wrote:

Consider now the brash claim by one reader that he can cryptanalyse
ciphertext from a provided set of plaintext and the corresponding set
of ciphertext in this cryptography using standard old fashioned
methods ! -  what a hope when there are 30000 possibilities of cipher
text sets to send him for the one set of plaintext being sent to him
concurrently.  That is to say nothing of the different mathematics and
algorithm - its like suggesting that model T Ford experience is
sufficient to service a modern racing machine like "Red  Bull"
formula_1  cars or "Ferraris"

Send him the ciphertexts he has asked for. Put up or shut up.

  He hasn’t taken the trouble to understand this cryptography and
instead argues he can just use outdated One-Time Pad logic.

Put up or shut up. Give him the ciphertext. Stop talking about it.

I can’t get him to come out of the ladies toilet to confront him with
some samples of plaintext and cipher text to see him demonstrate his

Last time he asked you for somthing you ran away and refuse to give
him anything. You scared he might break your cipher?

Its easy; encrypt some files as if you were both Bob and Alice, and
publish the ciphertexts and cleartext parameters here on sci.crypt,
making all readers here Eve. If you cipher is good, it will stand up
to this.

Mark "No Nickname" Murray
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He was sent the files he asked for then.

Does he want more? he only has to say so. - adacrypt