Re: My Open Letter.

adacrypt <austin.obyrne@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:


I have given him the files he asked for and it was then he failed -
before this he was succeeding in a known-plaintext attack in his own
belief but was being deceived because of my demonstartion program not
taking sufficient measures to guard against it happening - when I did
take the necessary steps before sending him the files he asked for it
shot him down completely - I was forced to do the former so as to
facilitate my demo program which was the main priority at the time. I
have held my hands up and explained this to him. There is no point in
taking another shot at a second "Known Plaintext" attack it will only
happen again [...]

That seems to confirm his original finding: that with the same key
vector cryptography has no useful property, so the system overall relies
on ludicrously large keys for its security. We already have systems
which are good with stupidly big keys.