Re: My Open Letter.

On Oct 4, 12:10 pm, Paulo Marques <pmarq...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
adacrypt wrote:
I respect your opinion more than the others which is why I take the
trouble to say that they are simply spooning subterfuge to each other
in the belief that they are dancing on my grave.

Absolute rubbish.

PM failed in a known plaintext attack - end of story - he is trying to
skate over that fact but the cryptography is still rock solid - the
mathematics don't lie - that can be demonstarted before any audience -
time alone will tell - hope you are well - adacrypt.

It seems that only _your_ "mathematics don't lie". My mathematics seem
to lie, apparently.

I clearly showed that using vectors only makes your cypher weaker by
giving too much information to the attacker.

Lets try this another way. Let me try to simplify you cypher and improve
it in the process:
 - lets get rid of the Alice numbers, and the normal vectors and convert
the offsets into scalar offsets
 - instead of using huge numbers, we'll only use offsets from [0..255]
and do the addition modulo 256
 - lets get rid of the "scrambling" part too

So, now you only have to exchange as many offsets as needed for the
message and to encrypt do:

Cn = (Pn + On) mod 256

Now, with this much simplified version the cyphertext is actually the
same size as the plaintext. Even more, it can be binary data (images,
spreadsheets, etc.) and not just ascii text. You get perfect secrecy and
exchange a lot less key material.

I realize that it must be hard to see so much work going up in flames
like this, but you can't irrationally hold on to something that is
clearly sub-par.

I'm only replying to you this time because there is still a small part
of me that believes you are capable of rising above your feelings and be
rational about this. If you take a step back and look at all this
discussion you'll see there is no hope for vector cryptography.

If after all this you still can't see that, I don't know how anyone will
be able to convince you, and I'll just give up on you. I hope you make
the right call and stop trying to "think outside the box" without
knowing what's inside the box...

Paulo Marques

"Conservation of angular momentum makes the world go around" - John Clark

Globemaker said it all recently and I salute him for his discernment -
I was unable to see this myself and I am grateful for his succint
analysis which I have committed to memory.

I quote him,

" It is fair to say that nobody on sci.crypt is willing to put in the
hours, to do the hard work, without being paid, to break through this
achievement in security.

I really like his take on sci crypt readers.- he has hit the nail
right on the head.

Castigating me won't do any good - you are failng to recognise that
there is a whole new ball game in the court.

Last month there were 2570 academic visitors comprised of lecturers,
cryptographers, Phd students etc to my website - it has been like
this for over six years - obviously if my cryptography is as wrong as
you make out these very learned people would have stopped coming back
years ago.

There are none so blind ... you're whistling in the dark by trying to
drum up support for my assassination - it's a classic case of shoot
the messenger.

- adacrypt


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