Re: The Most Profound Distillation of the Feedack from Modern Cyptography.

adacrypt wrote:
I can’t understand the intransigence of people who want to fight this
with all the bigotry that they can muster. It’s as plain as the nose
on their faces that change is inevitable from some source in the
future so why not grab this change from me when it comes with
mathematical proof that is axiomatically evident. There is nothing in
it for me either way if they do or do not.

I am offering methodology that is immune to computer power for all

Then why are you so afraid of me being able to break it?

As I said before:

- post a detailed description of your algorithm. It must be detailed
enough that it can be implemented by me in any language I choose to
implement it

- post a plaintext / cyphertext pair with the matching key, so that I
can verify that my implementation is correct

- post another plaintext / cyphertext _without_ the key for me to try
to break the algorithm and find the key

If you can't stand up to the challenge, it just proves your algorithm is
weak and you know it.

There are many people here that would jump at the opportunity of having
their algorithms cryptanalysed for free...

Paulo Marques -

"Who is general Failure and why is he reading my disk?"

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