Re: Need Help Cracking Code!!!!!!!!

On Sep 12, 8:57 pm, Globemaker <alanfolms...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Sep 12, 4:51 pm, Thomas Evans <iceyg...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I am participating in an ARG on unfiction, and the person running the
game just dropped this link to a picture he was emailed, containing a

It is obviously a youtube link, the code has been around for about a
week and no one has been able to solve it yet. Here is the image
flipped right-side up:

Also, this is the email address the code came from and the 'name' of
the sender, this comes from the game's twitter account:
"The email came from C6D1b3D4c3c4b4c3b6D60 with and email address of

Anyone seen anything like this before? Thanks for the help!

all of the numbers are on unicode chart

What exactly am I looking for on the unicode chart? I know nothing
about this stuff. I follow the link at the beginning of the pdf, and
it takes me to a site with a ton of links to various charts.