Re: Learning cryptanalysis

On 21/08/2011 7:25 AM, crypticator wrote:
know how algorithms are broken and breaking a real code is not the
same thing

the bigwigs woudn't look at what you have done unless you ve already
an algo : stupid arrogance ! they forget that there is gentlemen
highly gifted than
them probably working for some one and keeping their findings
secret ...

All that text is yours and your opinion and bias. None of it is mine.

Those "bigwigs" *will* look at your work if it shows that

1. you understand the sate of the art (rather than just guess and then assume your better)

2. You can use proper notation to properly express what you intend to say are trying to do (rather than something that really means nothing - e.g. when what you say is easily broken and then you "hand wave" and say "no, no. what I mean is ...")

As to the "bigwigs" ignoring you, you have already had advice from several holders of degrees, masters and (IIRC) a PHD. These people are *proven* as gifted people in the field. The problem is that you don't like what you hear.