Re: Learning cryptanalysis

On 20/08/2011 10:05 PM, crypticator wrote:
a reason for the bigwigs to be more humble ...

that s what i think that cryptography should be democratized => my ota
concept :
one time algo

bob and alice share n algos and a secret key

if bob want to send a message to alice :

he picks an algo in function of the date/time and the secret key ,
encrypt the message with the secret key and send the cipher text with
the date/time ....

But you have no idea of what makes an algorithm resistant to cryptanalysis so you cannot possibly know what to design to make on safe. Even you idea of a one time algorithm is flawed and I will give you the complete reason: There has been available for more than a century a perfect algorithm which is totally unbreakable - it is the One Time Pad (OTP). The OTP is rarely or never used because the problem of distributing the keys is insolvable - the cost is so prohibitive that only governments use it and even then they use it only for their most important messages, certainly much less than one message in a million. If governments can't afford the cost of distributing keys how is *anyone* going to be able to afford the cost of distributing new algorithms - let alone the cost of designing and testing (and here I mean just in a computational sense and not the far more expensive security sense)?

Further, the notion of using encryption so one person can clandestinely communicate with another is completely outdated, and rather like trying to establish the validity of a medieval apothecary in modern society. With today's cryptography I can securely conduct financial business any where in the world. This year alone I have done business in China, Hong Kong, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, USA, Canada and Australia. None of this would not be possible with your encryption.

With your encryption there would not be any electronic banking or credit cards and all commerce would be back to the speeds of the 1940's. Can you see why the idea is just a dead end?

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