Re: Learning cryptanalysis

(this seems like such an obvious flame bait, but I can't resist....)

crypticator wrote:
Cryptanalysis is important but it inhibit creation , and to be a good
designer on must be creative ! ....

Hear, hear!

the way that cryptography is practiced remember me of the middle
age : only
few privileged had the right to design algos ! ....

Yes! It's like brain surgery. Why only a selected few are allowed to
perform it? Those snob neurosurgeons with their fancy medical degrees...

the end should be the protection of data or how one is using his
device ...

this said I' think that all algos devised by normal brains are
breakable by some
abnormal brains !!
10 autistic persons with the right psycho pedagogy could break
all the algos taken for sure and secure by academia ....

Yes! Movies should count for factual information as much as reality!
This would allow us to find more creative ways to build and break

In reality we are not close to break a proper 128 bit key symmetric
cypher. But in the movies they've already broken 1024 bits and more! We
should really use movies instead of academic papers as source of

In my opinion the only solution for this problem is ota ! : one time
algo ! =>
democratization of cryptography => maximum confusion !!.

Hurray, everyone gets to try to treat a brain tumor through home
surgery. That will provide even more confusion with all the survivors,
ahem, patients, trying to get into the process too!

I think that for tumors near the surface of the brain a corkscrew would
work great! That's one idea those fancy doctors would never think of
because they are already too confined by the academic thinking!

Paulo Marques -

"'thinking outside the box' works better if I know what's inside the box."