Re: Sorry for the uninteresting (AES) question.

On Wed, 10 Aug 2011 21:16:07, David Eather <eather@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 10/08/2011 9:41 PM, tom st denis wrote:
On Aug 7, 9:16 am, David Eather<eat...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Sorry for the uninteresting question.

Does anyone have some source code (C, Java or BASIC) for AES with
minimal RAM utilization (and if I'm really lucky - intended for an 8 bit

Microchip removed the source code for AN953 and the wayback machine
can't help.


David Eather

Shouldn't be that hard to cook it up. It'll be crazy slow by
comparison but if you're running it on an 8-bitter than 32-bit tables
won't help anyways I guess. Why not give it a stab yourself?

I wouldn't trust myself. The brain if often...fuzzy (that's a safe
word) when I asked the question. I had googled but couldn't find
anything but applications and link farms - the temporary cognitive
difficulty prevented me from realising I hadn't used the best terms and
the same memory impairment stopped me from remembering that "Blind
Anagram" did a lot of work on source code. I remembered that stuff
yesterday and now have his (BG's) 8-bit code in "C" so all is well -
except for the speed thing but you can't have it all.

Thank you for having mercy on me - sometimes I do need help and any
communication helps.

you might think about an interface between your 8-biter
and a smart card ($5) Smart cards are very fast at AES
and can keep your keys in a secure manner.