Re: implementation of one-time-pad with Mersenne Twister PRNG

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Given the variability of texts and the one-way attribute of the
counted hash technique, a generated stream of permutations can be used
as a reasonable pad. The mathematics involved would be characteristic
of the character set chosen. There are also other ways but making
something from almost nothing textwise is doable and is likely the
equivalent of converting a little mass to lots of energy in effect.
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The analogy with mass and energy is just plain stupid.  And wrong..

Next you will tell me that words are not powerful.

Would you claim that because words are powerful, we should
measure them in units of watts?

You have claimed that key expansion "likely the equivalent of
converting mass to energy".

1.  The word "likely" indicates that you think there is a
physical fact of the matter here.  *boggle*

2.  You seem to think that e=mc^2 means that a little
mass makes a lot of energy because "c" is a big number.
That's not a physical fact -- it depends on your choice of
units. In natural units where c=1, a little mass is
equivalent with an numerically identical amount of energy.
There's no expansion at all.

3.  There is no meaningful analogy here and there are
no equations in evidence.

So it seems....there is at least some metaphor as well as some hard
substance. I don't dismiss a better way of representing the ultimates
but relationships of information units is scientific law whether you
like it or not.  As ideas are often causes of the expulsion of hot air
from various sources, watts may be a useful terms.  Related perhaps is
the situation here were cooling is highly desired in this Texas heat
and governor's ambiguity.  In order to get cooler and less humid air,
inside I turned on a dehumidifier to decrease the humidity inside as
it immediately puts out mostly hot air itself; but the recirculation
cooling unit is therefore physically able to cool much better (me) as
the humidity level lowers.  Life can be full of contradictions that
are not so in a bigger scheme.

The transistor is a simple device these days that like older vacuum
tubes allows magnification of control weather voltage and/or current.
With a few decisions amongst numerous choices, keying material can be
switched, sifted, shuffled as it expands with the added state from
such protocol decisions. As you see, it takes lots of words to
approach the relative functioning circumstance.

If you wish, I can expound on the physical laws as they apply in
analogous ways to cognition since perception, masking, camouflage of
it is what we mess with here...not foreign to the descriptive essences
of all reality at all, but I suppose I have left you already. Please

Yes, the essence of many differences, units, choice and/or absolute
values.  The expansion of one quantity is relative to the specific
contents and approachabilities of all constituents, higher sets having
select concentrated values when in actual useful expressions but
compactions that can be greatly expanded to take more information
space when crumpled or puffed with esoteric ether.  Vacuous space is
not empty space but filled with much content of specific other kinds.
Keys can be expanded via calculated noise generated by the tearing
against their previous order, with an addition of the unseen to become
the magically visible that was really there all the time.  But, the
mechanism is not magic, I did not create it, and it was documented
before my time.  As a researcher, I grasp at the obvious that was
worthy of predecessors to mention and worthy of some to later hie so
it might go away for those not privy to it by classificational
choice...such is sometimes the obstacle of investigative science.

But, the proof is in the pudding, and I am a very good cook with
selected ingredients. Let's get on with it...- Hide quoted text -

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This is a prime example of kookery, not cookery.