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On Jun 17, 4:14 pm, WTShaw <lure...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
If characters are input from a 100- character set, by converting to
base 16, three original characters are represented by 20 bits, 6 2/3
bits per character.  Normally it would be 21 bits, 3x7 as a minimum.
Some of the ASCII artifact is also gone and unscrambling a set of 100
characters with little amounts of data would be a bear as not being as
easy as linear.

while 100 character could be thought of
as ln(100) / ln(2) = 6.64385619
you could have used 101 characters
ln(101) / ln(2) = 6.65821148
this would still fight in 20 bits

If you allow first character from 101 values
and second from l01 values you could use
102 values for the third character since
you only need
(ln(102) / ln(2)) + (ln(101) / ln(2)) + (ln(101) / ln(2)) = 19.9888483

You can bijectively convert from the space of all binary files to
files that are only made up of your set of 100 characters.
You could encrypt using your standard Grand View methods and then
convert bijectively back to binary or even 5 letter random looking
groupings with letters AtoZ. Of course I was doing this I would
throw in a BWTS somewhere. This would also require the use of
computers this would not be something that could be hand done.

Just a thought

for 101 characters value from 0 to 100 for x1 x2 and x3
n = (x1 * 101 + x2)*101 + x3

a = n / 101
x3 = remainder of n/101
x2 = remainder of a/101
x1 = a/101

for 20 bits low = 0 high = 1,048,575
highest value needed is
(100 * 101 + 100) * 101 + 100 = 1,030,300

if x3 has 102 values divide first time by 102
this gives max value of n as
(100*101 + 100)*102 + 101 = 1,040,501

David A. Scott
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Disclaimer:I am in no way responsible for any of the statements
made in the above text. For all I know I might be drugged.
As a famous person once said "any cryptograhic
system is only as strong as its weakest link"

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