Re: A revision of my text stego scheme

On 11-05-24 4:33 AM, Mok-Kong Shen wrote:

No. I am saying that the fun part of writing that code would be
outweighed by the tedious part. Also this isn't a scheme I'm
particularly inclined to develop, so I would write the code for fun
only. If I want a steganographic system, I will look at what has already
been developed by people who are much smarter than I am.

If I understand right, at least you personally don't consider it
fun to write software code for the stego scheme with hash. Neither do
I, particularly because what jbriggs444 wrote hithertofore is in
my (personal) view not yet detailed enough as a good specification for
coding (among others, what kind of interactions (guidance etc.) with
the user should there be?) That's why I think that very clearly the
best is that the inventor of the scheme presents his code for people
of the group to examine and evaluate.

You do not understand correctly. But I am not capable of explaining any
better than I already have.

Just as writing that code for you would be more tedious than fun, this
conversation has also reached that point.



Jeffrey Goldberg
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