Re: A revision of my text stego scheme

Am 21.05.2011 23:16, schrieb Jeffrey Goldberg:
On 11-05-21 1:11 PM, Jeffrey Goldberg wrote:

By hiding two bits in each line, you would have quadruple the
number of tries, but it should still be feasible.


In a post years ago, I mentioned the possibility of using line
length mod 4. Now I think it's safer (also simpler) to just use
mod 2. The bit rate is not big anyway (though much larger than
the recently developed method of hard drive stego by H. Khan
et. al, which is about 1 bit per kilobyte, as Craver pointed out).
For sufficiently 'humble' applications there shouldn't be
problems to transmit a doubled volume of cover materials if
needed IMHO. (In extreme cases the intention could be simply
transmitting 'go ahead' or 'stopp' and the like informations.)

M. K. Shen