Re: Why is 3DES favoured over AES?

Am 21.05.2011 06:52, schrieb Will Janoschka:

The current block size for payment cards is 2^13 (4 digets)
The simplest break for a PIN is to try all of them. Banks provide
no detection for this. even with the key being unique for each

You are right; for payment cards that's a more serious security issue.
But then the fact that the financial people have in a document a few
years ago specified the use of 3DES presumably means that national
and international transfers (of big sums) between banks are also to
be done with 3DES. In that case it would however be questionable why
at least that is not done with AES, since that migration shouldn't
incur costs and other problems of a magnitude comparable to a migration
with respect to the payment cards. Could someone knowledgeable say
a bit about that? Thanks.

M. K. Shen

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