Re: A revision of my text stego scheme

Am 19.05.2011 15:37, schrieb Globemaker:

One idea to automate the reversal of a bit value is to use future
tense OR present tense.
Present : "is "
Future : "will be "
When the space IS counted, present tense IS odd while future tense
WILL BE even.
A computer can automatically change the tense to produce odd or even
bit values.

Changes like the above you shew or even more general cases covered
under item 2 could certainly be done, given the current status of
natural language processing. Personally, I am of the opinion that
for sufficiently humble (though very important) private applications,
it may not be worthwhile to write programs to do the work, particularly
if one is not very good in programming. On the other hand, it would
certainly be very helpful if there could be a general feature
available from an editor software such that the user is constantly
told of the value N mod 2 of what he has jsut typed into the current
line, allowing him to eventually modify what has already been typed
at any moment. If one is the author of a text, e.g. email or usenet
post, he has much flexibility in writing to get the right N mod 2 IMHO.

Just to add a little bit to my previous posts (nothing essential):
One kind of typo is dropping the space between 2 words. Sometimes
it is possible to insert a hyphen in a word. If a long word is at
the end of a line, one could let a hyphen ending one part and let
the rest to be on the next line. One may sometimes have the
opportunity to insert a parenthesis or a quote on a line, with its
partner located on the next line.

M. K. Shen