Re: A revision of my text stego scheme

Am 19.05.2011 12:19, schrieb Mok-Kong Shen:
Let N be the number of characters in a line (last line of a
paragraph is not used), i.e. from the first visible character to
the last visible character, including the spaces in between.
N mod 2 is then the stego bit. (The stego is preferrably encrypted.)

If N mod 2 doesn't correspond to the current stego bit to be sent,
then one tries to do one of the following modifications (if it
helps and doesn't excessively expose the changes done in the
whole text) to suit:

1. Moving the last word down to the next line or moving up a word
from the next line.

2. Changing a word (replacement with a synonym, use of singular
vs. plural of a noun, etc.) or a few words in the line.

3. Inserting/removing a comma or semicolon.

4. Simulating a typo (inserting/dropping a character in a word,
use of a doubled space).


5. Modifying structuring (joining 2 sentences or separating a
sentence into 2).

M. K. Shen