Re: Zimmermann develops new secure VoIP software

On Thu, 5 May 2011 at 17:56 -0000, Mok-Kong Shen wrote:

I haven't seen anyone else mention this. zfone was discussed here
many years ago. It isn't particularily new, maybe just newly

This web site is lacking significant dates, but mostly looks like a
typical nearly dead product. The dates I do see are:

* The copyright at the bottom of each page is 2006 (probably a

* The News page points to various things from 2005 to 2009. Nothing
more recent.

* On the download page "This new 22 Mar 2009 version" seems to be the
latest version and is still beta.

* RFC 6189 is dated April 2011 and mentioned on the site. This does
indicate some background activity going on.

I do like the idea of zfone and wish it had worked out better and
that standard (or zfone encrupted) SIP had actually taken off. Skype
just has a horrible security model (AFAIK it is just "trust us").

Maybe it can still recover ("I'm not dead").

Stuart Barkley
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