Re: Zimmermann's zfone not at site

On May 10, 1:39 am, Mok-Kong Shen <mok-kong.s...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Am 10.05.2011 03:21, schrieb biject:

I thought it was available at his site
is it on the net any where?

Did you look at the page I cited in the OP?

M. K. Shen

Of course why would you ask?

when you try to down load you get this:
29 January 2011 - Sorry, but our download server is offline. We were
using a download server at PGP Corp for many years, but they were
acquired by Symantec in June 2010, and yesterday their download server
became no longer available to us. To replace the special functionality
of the PGP download server, we need to set up a new download server
that is compliant with US export controls. It will take some effort to
set up another server with all the "due diligence" checks in place, so
this may take quite a bit of time to resolve.
We will remove this error notice when the problem has been fixed..

So the site has not been working since January if you bothered to
follow the links to actually download it you get to

So its not likely you bothered to actually follow
the links at site to get a copy. As I remember over
the years you would rather post large amount of posts
on stuff you seldom bother to look at. At least that
is my HUMBLE opinion.

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