Re: Good job what about making SKYPE better?

On May 6, 5:26 am, Tom St Denis <t...@xxxxxxx> wrote:
On May 5, 5:56 pm, Mok-Kong Shen <mok-kong.s...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

It doesn't use certs it uses DH with a hash you're supposed to read
out to "defeat" MITM attacks.

In otherwords, Phil Zimmerman doesn't understand public key


Actually after looking at Zfone info it appears Phil Zimmerman does
understand public key crypto. But does attacking him make you feel
more important. If you think its so bad why don't you write your own
better version. You live in Canada so your not hampered by recent
unfair American laws that the US government does to prevent creative
US programmers from learning and practicing their trade.

Or is this free product in competition with something that the
company your working for and is still trying to develop and which will
not be free? Come on why do you seem to have it in for the guy. His
video talk was really good. And yes I have
thought about creating a new PGP that is more secure using bijective
and encryption from BICOM but not sure one can do that in US any more.

I doubt if I will use it in near future since I don't use VOIP but I
do use free SKYPE and I found out at his site SKYPE voice may not be
that secure.

However if you have some high volume background noise. Like a DVD
movie or something would this make SKYPE more secure for voice? Please
someone comment!

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