Re: rsa - handwaving proofs

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On 2011-04-09, ping pong <mosescuadro@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
o.k. Don't be mad at me now for stupid ideas!

Any info on a suitable easy to modify c implementation of the function that
follows, for key lengths 64 - 2048 say would be useful?
c = m^e mod (p * q), n = p*q, p and q are secret.
where (e,n) is public and m controlled by myself?

There are many versions of public domain implimentations of rsa. Eg,
Get them and read them.

Thanks for that. I shall check.
Bye for now.

You could be kind at at least give a bit of guidance on that simple thing?
I am pleading here! Not tring to prove anything spectacular or amazing!

I mean it's a simple and quite harmless request - right?

Ping Pong.

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Do you think the number theory operators can express what I am saying?
Or do you think it's a waste of time?
Can they express spatial arrangements of objects?
It's a genuine query?

Don't top post. It's annoying.

As for the general question you're asking, you don't know what you're
talking about. Learn some basic number theory and RSA will become
much more understandable.