Re: Compression - is this it, or is there more to come?

"Dave -Turner" <admin@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
Compression algorithms have obviously come a long way, but now it seems
they're all standing at the end gates of what's possible. With encryption we
can continue to make things harder and harder to crack, but with compression
it seems there's only so much you can do to crunch data ... are we reaching
the limits of compression or is there still a lot more to come?

We're reaching the limits of the almost-general-purpose lossless
schemes, yes. They by their nature have to work out a suitable model
for the data themselves depending on what they've already encountered.

However, there's nothing stopping us from coming up with far better
models for specific types of data. Natural language text seems to
be something that's screaming for better compression ratios. But alas
it seems hard to teach computers what to expect from human languages.


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