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On Mar 21, 12:21 pm, adacrypt <austin.oby...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Let's say that something happened tomorrow to put the cosh on all
current crypto like say for instance that quantum computing made a
huge advance suddenly and AES and RSA were made useless overnight then
I would be the first to offer my stuff (which of course is immune to
computer power for all time) -  ( that's both vector and scalar
cryptographies in my portfolio).

I love how despite absolutely zero training or experience in
cryptography you carry on like such a verbose ardent expert in the
subject matter. It's like your brain full out rejects the problem of
"you have no clue" and gives you the green light to decide that
posting 1000s of paragraphs about essentially nothing in particular
amounts to a "portfolio."

Keep it up.


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