Re: Spancrypt_1 – Scalable Key Cryptography.

On Mar 10, 12:37 pm, Globemaker <alanfolms...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
This essay reminds me of the thought experiments of Einstein. He also
used a spanning nomenclature to describe three dimensional spaces. He
used rulers and rods to measure space and he rejected the aether. So
also adacrypt has a spanner for mechanical seeming thought experiments
which he generously shares here on sci.cry in the presence of DasFox
and his team of automatons.  The rectilinear grid of integers within
which the 14250 character key operates may be analogous to a crystal
lattice. A vulnerability therefore exists where X-Ray crystallography
uses Bragg diffraction to expose the structure and content of
Spancrypt_1. This is more than a metaphor to expect the X-Rays of math
and Boole to someday break adacrypt's construct.  Although his
perseverance and verbosity are admirable, his assailants are legion.
Keep up the good work there on the island of Great Britain. You are an
asset beyond palladium! Your spanners may replace rulers and rods, but
relativistic cryptography  is subject to length dilation as Einstein
has calculated only with the help of Minkowski and Lorentz. Who will
step forward to be adacrypt’s Minkowski? Not me.

I'm pleased that you are au fait with it all - please help out by
disseminating it on "Popular Cryptography Magazine" - regards -