Re: Adacrypt Email & Secure Data Storage Encryptions.

This is not free software by any definition of the word ?free?. I am

Congratulations, you have just announced the availability of a
download that no one can legally use. Regardless of what's *in*
the download (presuming it's some kind of software), you didn't
give them a license to use it. And it's sort of worthless if you
don't let them give a copy of the flash drive to a friend so they
can communicate, which is something that doesn't automatically
happen even if you did give them a license to use it.

Since you claim it's not free software by *any* definition of the
word free, how much are you charging for it?

the sole copyright owner.

That situation is common with open-source software that hasn't (yet)
become a collaborative work of many authors.

This download offer will exist over a time-
span window that may be discontinued without notice.

You didn't say anything about the continued right of people who
download the software to continue using it.