Adacrypt Email & Secure Data Storage Encryptions.

This is a free download from my website . It
has been prepared as an answer to some questions from readers in an
earlier post. The download has been carefully crafted to introduce
the completely new reader to an instance of vector cryptography being
used to secure a single, dedicated secure two-way communications
channel. A test of the download is to see if readers can easily
install and run the cipher software simulating say, a purchase of
similar encryption software from amazon. It uses that as a beta-test
model. The download documentation has everything that a novice
cryptographer will require by way of user instructions, compiler etc.

In this instance the objective is ‘secure communications’ alone.
There will be another download later that is dedicated to the more
convoluted but no more difficult to understand matter of ‘non-
repudiation of email contracts in E-commerce’.

This first download should pave the way for the second that will come

The mathematics of vector cryptography is expounded on this website
also. It appears there just as it evolved to me and has never been
tidied up. It is quite legible and easy to understand however.

This is not free software by any definition of the word “free”. I am
the sole copyright owner. This download offer will exist over a time-
span window that may be discontinued without notice.

Product Description.
This is a DIY cryptographic cipher being used to protect two-way email
communications between a sending entity (pseudonym Alice) and a
receiving entity (pseudonym Bob). The product package comprises a
pair of identical USB Flash drives of 4 gigabytes each that contain
the cipher and the associated documentation, they become in effect
synchronised mutual databases that the two entities of a secure
communications channel use to encrypt their emails and secondly, to
secure other important data that they wish to store with perfect
secrecy on a computer.

Each entity possesses one flash drive and when the software is
installed onto their respective computers they can then enjoy perfect
secrecy of communications thereafter. These flash drives are more
than just removable memory and can in fact function when required as
external computer hard drives in the way that they are deployed here,
thus yielding great extra cryptographic benefits. Only two entities
can use the loop however and it requires a once-only secure delivery
of one of the two USB flash memory sticks initially, to the remote
entity (Bob). A salient feature of the software is my invention of
new vector mathematics called “Vector Factoring” that makes possible
the equally new vector cryptography that underpins the ciphers and
substantiates the writer’s claim of “Theoretically Unbreakable” class
for this new cryptography. The ciphertext is a long string of
position vectors that is numerically equal in length to the number of
characters in the file of plaintext that is encrypted. There are no
passwords to be used. This cryptography is so secure that even if an
adversary was handed the string of ciphertext outright and was given
unlimited computer power he could not decrypt that ciphertext ever, in
any space of time. It is a world first in cryptography.

System Requirements.
Windows 98, 2000, Millenium, XP, Vista, Windows 7. The software can
be used on Mac computers also but that has not been tested yet.

Note. The cipher on free download offer here is just one of about 6
other implementations of skew-line displacement cryptography that are
to hand as up and running ciphers in the generic class being called
‘Vector Cryptography’. None of these ciphers is more secure than any
other, their respective designs make available extra management
options mostly.

The veracity of the ciphers’ core algorithms as mathematical proof is
to hand and can be seen on my website - .

– enjoy - adacrypt