Re: Need help with concealment cipher

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Sorry Amitiel, I thought business time was over. If I can help in any
way, I will, but "show me the money". I get by living with my brother,
with my only income being a veteran's administration disability
pension of $985/month for being "insane"...

Who says being crazy doesn't pay? lol

I have been on the gravy train since 1998, but with only 10 years to
go until age 65, I need to stop lolling about and get some social
security credits under my belt...
Check out playlist !#0 a tunes list 06, do anything for you?

Lonnie Courtney Clay

Naw, 2nd Bde LRRP USARPAC-V 5th SFG

With a full head of hair, you are a young whippersnapper! Here I
thought you were an old fox like me...

I'm older than you I think. 'Nam in '65ish. The image above ain't me
babe. lol

What I meant was the playlist on my youtube channel. You mean the
tunes had no effect on you? Ice water in your veins or no cultural
consciousness? If you want to shoot the breeze with me, then you COULD
send emails to claylon...@xxxxxxxxxxx

Don't do email.

Lonnie Courtney Clay

I listened to Wild Blue Yonder but I'm a RangerBoi.
Passwords, people, they are not just for game shows. If you refuse to
make the effort to remember a few long, diverse passwords, then don't
scream at me when your FICO is 496 and your bank accounts are zeroed

What's your favorite flavor of music? I could setup a new playlist. I
started to construct a series of playlists by year, starting in 1950,
but realized that by the time I was up to the 90s, the links for the
50s would probably have rotted off of YouTube...

I'm a ranger boy.
Falling is my joy.
Lookout below, coming through,
You'll sweat, I'm looking for you.
Silent as fog, in the night,
I find bad guys, hug 'em tight.
They don't protest, when we dance,
'cause I slit throats, my first chance.

Want more?

Lonnie Courtney Clay