Need help with concealment cipher

Recently I came across several forum posts that appear to employ
steganography in every message to conceal the plain text.

The messages appear to be plain text, however lack the grammatical
structure of ordinary speech.

I assume this to be a form of a homophonic whole word substitution
cipher, maintaining (to some degree) a certain grammatical integrity
of an ordinary sentence in order to conceal the plaintext.


"NICETEXT" is the only software I came across that would allow this
kind of encryption, however the software appears to be much too
complex to be utilized by a large user base within a field of what I
assume to be the average skilled computer user.

Is anyone aware of any software that would automate this process (web
based or stand alone Windows software)?

Also - what would be - in your view - the most efficient way to attack
this cipher? Encrypted messages are abundant, however dictionary and
keys are not available.

Thanks a lot for your help and input!


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