On Dec 23, 12:42 pm, Globemaker <alanfolms...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Eleven years ago, we evaluated the block cipher. Here are
some notes :

That cryptographic algorithm has a very large key, and it remains
unbroken. I am looking for the documentation that David A. Scott
received from me. It was at that
website gone. If David can get those notes for me, I will make a
further evaluation of

Without my old notes on the algorism, I will need to start all over

I no longer have the notes. But a year ago or so. Some one gave me a
to something called the internet time machine that actually had the
old pages

I searched for the site I think I found the link for the time machine
but when I try to access the page I get the following message.

We're sorry, access to* has been blocked by
the site owner via robots.txt.

So yes I am sure the pages on the web. But just where and how to get
access I do not know. There was also another site or 2 for a while
that had copies of the pages
but I don't know how to get them

Take Care
David A. Scott