Re: What's the current work required for 1024 and 1280-bit keys?

Paul Rubin wrote:
Paulo Marques <pmarques@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
We eventually gave up and switched to ECC where we were able to get a
163 bit binary field signature to be done in roughly 0.3 seconds in the
same microcontroller (ATmega32U2).

You could have used DSS?

For smaller key sizes (~512) the speedup for DSA is good but not that
great (less than twice the speed of an RSA), and that was the size we
started with.

Even for 1024 bits, the speedup is roughly 2x~3x, whereas with ECC we
got a speedup of ~50x, with much less RAM needed as a bonus.

In retrospect, it would probably made sense to begin by trying to
implement DSS instead of RSA, but luckily we would end up in the same
place anyway.

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