Re: U.S. Tries to Make It Easier to Wiretap the Internet

¶ Developers of software that enables peer-to-peer communication must
redesign their service to allow interception.

[Uh...get a friggin' clue. Terrorists know how to write software. And
let's face it..writing a simple app that allows secure voice
communication over the Internet is nowhere near as complicated/
expensive as designing a guided missile. Twenty-year-olds do it all
the time. What then? Are you going to find the terrorists and demand
that they comply with the new wiretapping rules? Maybe you should go
to Intel and all the other CPU manufacturers and demand that they put
software inside the CPU's that indicate when code is running crypto

That isn't even the worst problem. Most of the world's programmer
population exists outside of the United States and those laws don't
apply beyond their borders. Encryption software would just be written
outside of the US.

People who request such things have a hard time understanding just how
complex the "solution" would be. Even the most simplistic analysis of
the problem would show that this is unworkable (do we really want a
backdoor in the New York Stock Exchange, for example?)

This was all debated a decade and half ago around the time of the
Clipper. The arguments against Clipper apply equally here.

It's a stupid policy conjured up by stupid people who fail to learn
from history.


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