Re: Truly Trulymail

1. Where is the source code? It would be nice if we could see what you mean
when you say "strong key encryption."

TrulyMail is not open-source (at least not at this time). Accordingly,
our source code is not available to the public. If you would like to
audit our source code, we would be happy to show you some key parts of
it if you are ever in Santiago.

For us, strong-key means 4096-bit keys. That's quite a bit higher than
what is offered by PGP and others.

2. Why should we use this when we can already send encrypted email, and when
we have been doing so for a long time now?

If you have a system you like, keep using it. We feel there are plenty
of users who do not encrypt now who should and will, if we make it
easy enough for them.

What exactly does your software
bring to the table, and why should we sacrifice compatibility with existing

While we think we bring a lot to the table (see our features page on
our website: we also understand
that there are users who prefer to stick to the systems they already

You have a choice. We think we are a great choice but it all depends
on your needs.

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