Re: Scalable Key Cryptography – Extended to Unicode.

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There are two ways in which this may be done i.e. each individual
member language in Unicode may be used to populate the Vigenere square
on its own as required and the corresponding encryption parameters are
then calculated for that language according to the methods described
earlier, is one method.  Another method is to populate the Vigenere
square with the entire Unicode set of code-points all at once and then
calculate some universal parameters that may be used with any language
instantaneously in hand, this language being treated as a subset of
the whole of Unicode.

There is a third way.

1 Start with some Unicode text.

2 Express that text as a byte stream/file/array in one of the already
defined Unicode formats: UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32 or (if you really
insist) UTF-64.

3 Set up your Vigenère square for 256 x 256 byte to byte conversion.

That will encrypt any and all Unicode text.  It will also encrypt any
text in any byte format.


Yeah, I think that covers all possibilities now. In passing, the
Vigenere square provides nothing more than the discussion model but it
is supremely useful for that task in the meantime. The cipher model
can then resolve to being simply an independent algorithm in modular
arithmetic. The square is still a useful teaching aid I think.

When the security is assured I contend that the focus shifts to
efficiency of each cipher version next and then to the more indulgent
property of 'elegance' next and why not. - regards - adacrypt

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