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The paper "Chaocipher Revealed: The Algorithm" can be found at:

Be sure to follow the anticipated flurry of activity in the Chaocipher
area in the Crypto Forum web site (

Moshe Rubin
The Chaocipher Clearing House

I don't know if you are collecting links to implementations in various
languages for Chaocipher but I wanted to mention that I wrote one in Ruby
as part of my ongoing development of several oldish cryptosystems (such as
ADFGVX, VIC cipher, Playfair and so on) called old-crypto.

See more into on my development site

Code is either ;                (faster)
or ;  (slower DSL line)


Hi Robert,

Thank you very much for notifying the forum of your Chaocipher
implementation in Ruby. As a matter of fact, I am accumulating a list
of Chaocipher implementation in different languages, and every new
implementation is welcome!

Your version control site is impressive, and you obviously work
according to the software engineer's book: version control, defect
tracker, test cases, etc.

Should you be interested, you may want to add the Wheatstone
Cryptograph to your arsenal. This is not the Playfair cipher, which
was also invented by Sir Charles Wheatstone. Here are some links to
pictures and material that may help:

A couple of years ago I implemented the Wheatstone Cryptograph for
Dirk Rijmenants's "Cipher Classics v2.2" (in Visual Basic) which
sounds similar to your project:

Specific material on the Wheatstone Cryptograph can be found in David
Kahn's "The Codebreakers", pages 197-198, and in The Riverbank
Publications, Volume 2, Publication No. 20, "Several Machine Ciphers
and Methods for their Solution".

Good luck and thanks for the pointers!