Re: Importance of chaos theory

On 2010-08-01, james cross <ningpo12@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I think we are at cross-purposes here.

The point I take from M K Shen is that a new aspect of say maths will
be published in a maths journal. Thus if it has relevance to Crypto,
that relevance may be missed if Crypto workers only read Crypto

Yes, it happens. It has happened that articles have disappeared for
years only to be rediscovered many years later. Most of the time if and
article disappears, it is for good reason (it is part of Sturgeon's 90%)
Sometimes not. That is life.

M K Shen, as I understand him, is asking for some kind of mechanism to
inform people in other disciplines of advances that may be of use to

It is called talking to your fellow researchers. What we do not need is
a spam service that innundates us with useless crap (and most of that
would be)

If I have put words into your mouth MK, my apologies.

I suspect the only practical 'mechanism' is to read everything you can
get your hands on. After all as Edison commented "Genius is 99%
perspiration and 1% inspiration".

Yes, that way one could make sure you at least never do anything.