Re: Importance of chaos theory

james cross wrote:

.......... some kind of mechanism to
inform people in other disciplines of advances that may be of use to

I suspect the only practical 'mechanism' is to read everything you can
get your hands on. After all as Edison commented "Genius is 99%
perspiration and 1% inspiration".

The mathematicians have their 'Mathematical Reviews' to let people of
diverse subfields (and even within one subfield, due to the volume
of publications and publications in different languages) of mathematics
to be better and timely informed of new research results. The Russians
have a similar one of their own, if I don't err. Similar reviews exist
in a number of other natural sciences as well as their subfields. While
crypto is now fairly big (opinions may differ, I personally use to
regard crypto as synonym to information security), I doubt, though, the
establishing of something like 'Mathematical Reviews' would be currently
realistic in view of inevitable organizational and financial problems.
As you recommended, it's worth the effort to spend some little time to
look around and not limit oneself to searching only in a very narrow
direction. BTW, our discussion group is naturally pertinent for
dissemination of news about novel research results either strictly
crypto or of potential interest to the development of crypto. A
concerted effort of all participants of the group would be desirable.

M. K. Shen