Re: An Honest and Simple Question.

adacrypt wrote:

What I want to know is the mechanics of the external interface with
the human operator - does that person key in the data directly to the
keyboard (please take it that only security of information is being
considered here) in all cases. If so is this the norm for most general
cases - thanks again - adacrypt

Thomas has told you that the source can be of widely different nature.
So the 'norm' and the 'most general cases' can vary also, dependent on
the kind of applications. If what is to be encrypted is e.g. pictures,
then the files can stem directly from digital cameras and there is
practically no keying on the keyboard except for the commands of the
operating system. Text documents may be scanned, etc. etc. A modern
crypto software should thus be able to process an arbitrary user-given
bit sequence.

BTW, in another thread of yours I mentioned that you should 'once' spend
some effort to explain your encryption scheme concretely and concisely
and in terms that are readily to be understood by many so that it could
be thoroughly examined and discussed. You seemed to dislike that and
instead attempted to ask some 'peripheral' (with respect to your
scheme) questions in a number of threads, IMHO.

M. K. Shen


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